Want To Change The Look Of A Business? Try Painting First

When it comes to making a business look better, some business owners may not know where to start. A full renovation can be costly. It can also take a lot of time to finish a renovation project. During this time it may be necessary for a business to close or if the business stays open, the construction may scare away potential customers. One way to dramatically change the way a business looks without undergoing a full scale renovation is by painting the inside and outside. Here are three reasons to consider painting over renovating.


The cost to paint a business is much less than a full scale renovation. While a complete remodel may be the right choice if the business is in ill repair, the cost may not be worth it. A remodel can bring an increase in sales of 5% to 10%. However, that return on investment may not be enough to cover the cost of the remodel. Painting can provide a lot of the same benefits of a remodel without costing as much. Commercial exterior painting costs on average $2.43 per square foot while the cost of interior painting is $2.60 per square foot. Painting can update a business and bring in more business. 

Less Impact On Day To Day Business

Commercial painting services are the best way to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Commercial painters are able to work after hours when there are not workers or customers around. This helps keep the business running without causing any major hurdles. Another way to limit the effects of painting a business is by having the painting done during slow times. For some businesses, this can be near holidays and for others it can be during certain seasons. 

Color Choices

Another benefit of painting a business is that color can play a big role in customer and worker satisfaction. Certain colors can evoke certain moods while others can increase the efficiency of employees. Blue or green are great choices for busy workplaces while yellow and orange are considered to be good choices for restaurants. Commercial painting contractors can help businesses choose the colors that work best for their customers and their employees. A simple change in wall color can actually lead to an increase in business.

Giving a business a face lift is a necessity every few years. However, a full scale renovation is not always required. Painting is less costly and produces fewer impacts on running a business than a renovation does. However, painting can provide a lot of the same benefits of a renovation. Even changing the color of a business can lead to improved customer perception. Contact a company like Prestige Painting & Renovation for more info.