Tips And Tricks For Saving Money When You Hire Painters To Paint A Room

Hiring a professional painting crew to pain a room is one way to ensure that the job is done correctly and without any glaring errors. You know the painting job will look beautiful and perfect when the painters are finished. However, like most services, it comes with a price. If you shop around, you may be able to find a painter that is willing to let you pick up all of the supplies in advance and then you would only need to pay the painter and his/her crew for their time. Here are some more tips and tricks to save money when you hire a professional to paint a room in your house.

You Do the Moving

It is far easier to paint a room when it is devoid of furniture and decoration. Painters spend about thirty minutes to an hour moving everything out of the room before they begin the job. They may also leave the objects in the room and cover them with plastic tarps, but this too takes up several minutes for which you are usually charged labor costs. Instead, you could lay the walls bare and remove everything, which will shave some time and money off the labor costs.

You Remove Fixtures

Before the painters start, they often remove the outlet and light switch face plates, as well as the ceiling fixtures. This equals more in labor costs. You could do this part of the job too. Just turn the power to the room off in your fuse/circuit box, and unscrew all of the face plates and ceiling fixtures. When you do this on top of removing all furniture and objects from the room, that equals about an hour's worth of labor costs you just saved.

You Apply Painter's Tape

If you want to shave another thirty minutes to an hour off of the labor costs, tape the entire room yourself. Apply painter's tape to the top edges of the baseboards, all around the windows, closets door frames and any other woodwork on which you do not want any paint. If you throw down plastic sheeting and/or tarps on the floor at the same time to protect your flooring, then the only things the painters have to do when they show up are wash the walls, prime them, and paint them. If you also request to remove the painter's tape and do clean-up as well, that is another half-hour to an hour of labor costs you save yourself.

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