Suburban Summer Nights Dream: Four Steps to Making Your Small Home Look More Like a Cottage

If you are a fan of fairytales or a lover of things that are cozy, you may be interested in a home that has a cottage feel. Finding cottage-esque furniture means finding pieces that feature wood and are cozy. Getting the exterior of your home may take a little more planning and work. Here are four steps that you should follow to get your small home to look like a cottage from a fairytale. 

Paint the exterior a shade of white

Either white or off-white is the best color for the outside of a cute cottage. Whether you have vinyl siding or brick, you should pick a white or off-white exterior paint shade for the entirety of your home.To make sure that the paint is professionally done and adheres to the home, you should have a professional painting service such as Stetson Painting LLC perform the work. Make sure they apply several coats to the home so that it does not begin to chip or fade easily. 

Plant vines on the sides of the home

Vines such as ivy are a necessary touch to any cottage home. These should grow onto the house to give it a whimsical and woodsy feel. Since you do not want to overwhelm a small house, make sure just a few vines are planted and allow them to grow for a little while. If you decide that you want a fuller look, you can plant a little more later on. Speak to a professional gardener to determine where and how to plant ivy at your home. Once the ivy grows down and around the sides of your home, it will provide a beautiful contrast to the white walls.

Embellish with rose bushes and a short picket fence

There is nothing more romantic than a cottage in the woods, except a cottage in the woods with roses surrounding it. Around the perimeter of your home, you should plant rose bushes. Depending on the color theme of the interior of your home, you may decide to color-coordinate the color of the rose bushes with this shade. Be sure to plant the rose bushes around the front and two sides of your home.  At the perimeter of your yard, set up a short picket fence in the color of your choosing. A short picket fence provides a visual barrier without distracting from the overall view of your home from the entrance.