Ask Your Painting Contractor If He Or She Performs These Services

When you need to paint the interior or exterior of your home, hiring a painting contractor to get the work done makes a lot of sense. If you choose to handle the job yourself, you can be left with a lackluster finished product, as well as a lot of hard work and time spent cleaning up a mess. Your experienced painting contractor, meanwhile, will give you a professional-looking end result and will get the job done quickly so that your home doesn't face a lengthy upheaval. Given that the contractor will typically need to allow time for the paint to dry between coats, you might be able to have him or her work on other jobs around your home. Many painters will also offer these services.

Exterior Pressure Washing

Washing the exterior of your home comes with the territory if it needs to be painted; any reputable painting contractor will thoroughly wash the siding and let it dry before touching a paintbrush to it. If you've hired the painter for indoor work but the outside of your home has a significant buildup of mildew or other grime on it, you can ask your contractor to wash the siding for you. This is often something that can be done between coats of the interior work and saves you either hiring someone else to do the job or renting a pressure washer to do it yourself.

Stucco Application

In addition to painting, many painting contractors' services include the application of stucco to customers' walls. If you're looking to change up the appearance of a wall on the exterior of your home, stucco can often be the answer. For example, you might wish to have brick or siding on the upper half of the front wall, and stucco on the lower half. When the stucco is applied and has dried, the painter can then paint it in a hue that complements the look of the home.

Ceiling Popcorn Removal

If your home's ceilings have the bumpy popcorn-style finish that was popular in decades past, it might be time to think about updating the look. Removing the popcorn is done with a scraper, but this is an arduous job that you don't want to do yourself. Many painting contractors will perform this service and, of course, they can repaint the ceiling once the popcorn is removed to give it a fresh, modern look for you and your family to enjoy.

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