Why You Shouldn't DIY Your Home's Exterior Paint Job

When you are a homeowner, nothing can make you feel better than tackling a DIY job yourself. Not only will it get you some brownie points with your significant other, but you may also get some serious envy from your neighbors as well. One job that you may think you can handle is painting the exterior of your home. 

Adding some exterior paint to your home can really bring it to life and make it look a bit more modern. For instance, if you have an orange brick rambler and you paint it a bright white, it will suddenly bring it to life and make it look a lot better. The only tricky thing about adding new paint to your home's exterior is actually doing the painting yourself. 

Why Should You Hire An Exterior Painter?

You may think that exterior painting is all about grabbing a sprayer and just going ham on your house, but it's a lot more work than that. When you have brick or siding to paint, it can take certain types of techniques so that the paint gets in every nook and cranny, all of which a professional will know how to do. Not only will an exterior painter know about spraying techniques, but they will know the type of paint to use and they will help prep your entire house which can be tons of work. 

In order to prep a house for a paint job, you have to tape off all of the windows, the doors, the roofline, and even lay some sort of tarps on the landscaping so that the flowers don't get a fresh coat of paint. When you hire someone, they will do all of the prep work, which tends to be the most difficult part. 

How to Find An Exterior Paint Color

Before your painter comes to paint the whole house, ask them to come spray a few sample paint colors for you. For instance, if you find five different shades of white, you won't really be able to tell which one is ideal for your home until you see it on your house, in different lights, and with other exterior features. By having small samples sprayed on your home, you will be able to see firsthand what looks good and what doesn't.  

If you want to learn a little bit more about exterior painting, reach out to an exterior painter in your area today.