Use One Of These Clothing-Inspired Paint Colors

Your local paint store carries all sorts of colors that can work well throughout your home, which will give you plenty of inspiration when you want to change the look of one or more rooms. You can either choose a suitable color and then hire a local residential interior painting contractor, or hire the contractor right away and have them discuss some color options with you. When you read the names of the different colors of paint, you'll see many that are inspired by clothing. One of these may be the perfect fit for your home. Here are three popular clothing-inspired paint colors.


Virtually every paint store carries one or more denim-inspired paints, which may catch your eye if you're leaning toward using a certain shade of blue in one or more rooms. Denim paint can vary a little in color, much like jeans themselves. You'll often see light-colored denim and hues that are on the darker side, which will allow you to decide which look will work best in your home. Light denim paint can add cheer to a breakfast nook, a child's bedroom, or a guest room, among other areas.


When the weather turns cool in the fall, many people reach for the coziness of a cashmere sweater. If you're among this group, you might feel that cashmere-colored paint is a good choice for your home. This cream color often has slightly pink tones, which give it a warm and welcoming feel. Cashmere-colored paint is fairly neutral, which can make it work well in large spaces such as your living room or dining room. You might also like this shade in your home's primary bedroom or in some of its hallways.


Another clothing-inspired paint color that may catch your attention at your local paint store is corduroy. A lot of people of a certain age wore corduroy pants when they were younger, abandoned this material for a while, and then returned to it because of its soft, comfortable feel. Corduroy paint, like denim paint, can vary a little in color. It generally has a yellow hue that features some green color notes, offering an eclectic look. You might enjoy having this color in a home office, a craft room, or perhaps even a bathroom. Discuss these and other clothing-inspired paint colors with your painting professional and decide what rooms in your home would benefit from these shades.

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