Ask Painting Contractors Questions Before Hiring One

When you want to have your house painted, you need to find a good painting contractor to do the job for you. There are a lot of house painters out there, and you may find it hard to find the one that will work best for you and your needs. When you are talking to the contractors to see if they are the ones that you want to hire, you can ask them some questions which will help you narrow down your choices. So, what are some of the questions that you should ask the painting contractor?


You need to ask some questions about the paint that the contractor is going to use. Ask them what brand they use. Some contractors are going to be brand loyal and always use the same brand of paint, no matter what. Other painters will use different brands, depending on color, coverage, and customer wishes. You should also ask if the cost of paint is included in the quote that the painter gave you or if that is going to be a surcharge. The painter should also be able to tell you how many coats of paint they will likely need to use, as well as if they are going to need a base coat of concealer paint to cover up the current color.


The painting contractor should have references that you can contact. If you have narrowed down your choices to one or two painters, you should start talking to their references. You should ask the references how well the painter did their job, how long they took to do it, and if the painters finished the job in the time they said it would be done. While you are talking to the reference person, ask if the painters were able to bring in the job at the quoted prices, or if they had to pay over the budget. If the painter did have to go over the budget, ask the reference why. There may be a perfectly good and rational reason as to why. For example, if the painter found damage once they got started, it could've run up the budget to treat the damage so that the paint will lay correctly.

If you want to have your house painted, then you need to find a good painting contractor. Asking the painters some questions before you make your final decision will make it easier for you to narrow down your choices and hire the painter who will give you the look that you want.

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