Three Tips For A Better Commercial Exterior Paint Job

Is the exterior of your commercial building starting to look a little worse for wear? If so, a fresh coat of paint can improve the appearance and improve the first impression customers have when they drive into your parking lot. Further, a fresh paint job helps protect the exterior of your building from stains and water damage. The following tips can help ensure that you get the best paint job possible.

1. Splurge on the Power Washing

Proper preparation is key to ensuring that the paint goes on evenly and doesn't bubble or peel off prematurely. Preparing the walls to take the paint is the key preparation step you don't want to skip. Many painting contractors provide exterior power washing as a preparation service, but you can also bring in an outside contractor to do it if the painting company doesn't offer it. Power washing doesn't just remove dirt, grime, and pollen residue — all things that can prevent paint adhesion — it also removes the old, flaky paint so that your painting crew has a fresh, smooth surface to work with. The result will be a nicer looking and longer-lasting paint job.

2. Use More Than One Color

One mistake many business owners make is painting the entire exterior one neutral color. The result is a bland building that tends to blend into the background, making it easy for potential customers to overlook you. Instead, think about your business exterior as you would a home. Choose one main neutral color for the large expanses of walls, and then opt for one or two trim colors that provide a bit more color to the building. When looking at trim options, go for those colors that complement your business logo colors, since this will further help brand your building to your business.

3. Consider an Anti-Graffiti Coating

One issue faced by many businesses is graffiti. For many vandals, large expanses of freshly painted walls are just too tempting to ignore. The good news is that you can stop vandalism before it even happens. Your painting crew can apply an anti-graffiti coating over the final coat of paint on your building exterior. These coatings create a slick surface that graffiti has difficulty adhering to. If your building falls victim to vandals, you can simply wipe the graffiti off the wall or spray it off with a pressure washer on a low setting. Even better, the coating makes your exterior easier to clean in general, whether you need to remove dirt, bird droppings, or another stain.

Contact a commercial painting contractor for more help.