Tips To Help Get Your Business Painted Without Impacting The Business

Having your business painted will help to keep things looking great, but getting the work done can put some strain on the business. Here you'll find a few tips that'll help you get the painting work done without it impacting your business too much.

Flexible Scheduling                         

If you can be flexible when the painting will be done, you'll have a much easier time finding a crew that can work within the hours outside of your business hours. So, as long as you don't have to get the work done in the next week or two, you'll have plenty of time to get estimates from multiple painting companies and choose the date in which you'd like them to get started.

Talk with each painting company to find out if they offer after-hour services. Some commercial painting companies will work after business hours, so there will be less of an impact on the business going on inside during the day. In some cases, these after-hour crews may cost more than daylight. Weigh the pros and cons of spending the extra cash against having work going on during the day.

Circulate the Air

You'll want to keep the air moving inside the building while the painting is being done and for a day or two after. This will do two things – expedite the drying process and reduce the smell of paint. You can open windows and place fans in them to pull air in some and push air out the others.

Another thing to consider doing is running an air purifier or two. This machine will pull all of the contaminants out of the air, including those released from the paint that cause the odors.

Split the Project in Two

If you have enough space, you can split the project in two by shutting off half of the business while it gets painted and using the other half to continue business as usual. When that side is complete, you'll trade places and begin working in the freshly painted area while the rest of the work is completed.

Commercial painting professionals are used to working with business owners to get the project done as quickly and efficiently as possible, but they also know that your business must go on. Hopefully, the tips above will help you keep on keeping on each business day while the painting is being done. In the end, everything will look great and you won't have to worry about painting again for at least a few years.