6 Tips To Decorate Shelves

Decorating may leave you scratching your head and could either leave your home overly-cluttered or lacking any decor at all. You don't have to be a designer to decorate your home, but you could use some helpful tips that decorators use when decorating or staging homes. If you have shelves in your home that need some extra styling or design, read on for tips to help you decorate these shelves.

1. Use Varying Heights

Don't keep everything on your shelves the same height. Vary the heights of your objects to give dimension and interest to your shelves. Using things that are the same height is not as appealing to the eyes. Don't use anything too tall that it hits the shelf above, or the ceiling above, keep at least an inch between the object and the shelf or ceiling above.

2. Add Interesting Pieces

Add pieces of interest to your shelves such as ceramic figures, or an animal planter. Other interesting pieces include spheres, lanterns, baskets, letters or jars. Interesting pieces can add texture to shelves and to your decor. 

3. Decorate With Books

Old books are an easy way to decorate shelves, but don't overload the shelf with books. You can also vary how you decorate with books. Stack some, on top of each other, or next to one another. Vary how you put the books on the shelf. You can stack them with the binding showing, or you can stack them so the pages are exposed, either way will work.

4. Use Greenery

Greenery is another great way to decorate shelves. Topiaries, balls of greenery, cactus plants, or succulents are all easy to decorate with. Use various types of planters to match with your decor. Greenery can be faux or real. If you don't have a green thumb, faux greenery may be the way to go.

5. Add Pieces With Meaning

Add pieces to your shelf that actually mean something to you. Don't just line your shelves with store-bought pieces of decor that don't mean anything to you at all. Use pieces that have been in your family for awhile, something you bought when you got married, something from your wedding, or a family photograph in a new frame. 

6. Don't Overload

Don't overload your shelf with decorative items. Keep your shelf simple and stylish, and remember that less is more. Vary sizes, but don't fill in every nook and cranny. You'll end up with a cluttered mess, rather than stylish shelves.

Decorating comes easy to some and not as easy to others. If you need help with decorating, hire a professional to help give you the stylish home you've been looking for.