Tips For Repainting Your Weathered Home Siding

If your home's exterior paint is starting to show its age, you might be considering freshening things up. While dealing with the flaking, faded, chipped paint may seem like a hassle, it's not as complicated as you might think. Here are a few tips to help you address that tattered paint and give your home a whole new look.

Prepare The Walls

You can't repaint the walls unless you start with a clean surface. Use a pressure washer to get rid of any dirt or grime that's accumulated on the walls. Use a mild cleanser and then rinse everything completely.

After the walls dry, you need to clear away the flaky paint. You can invest in a paint scraper and do it by hand if you want, but you may find it easier to do this with a sandblaster instead. The sandblaster is a great option because it shortens the work time and eliminates the sanding phase since the blasting material will essentially sand the surface for you.

Fill Any Holes

Look for any visible holes in the walls that need to be filled. Fill the holes with patching compound to even out the surface. If you find any sections with signs of rot, you need to replace those panels.

Prime The Walls

Treat the walls with a layer of primer to create the final layer of the foundation for the paint. Opt for a light color so that it won't show through whatever paint color you select. For example, grey and white are two easy primer colors to cover with most any shade of paint. Let the primer dry completely before you move on.

Apply The Paint

Choose a latex paint that's water based for your exterior paint. It applies easily and in smooth layers. In addition, it dries fast. And, since it's a water-based paint, spills will be easy to clean up with water and mild soap.

Once the final paint coat is applied, seal the whole thing with a clear top coat. Just cover the whole surface with an even layer so that you protect the paint from sun fading and other problems.

After you finish with the fresh application of paint, it's important that you keep the whole thing clean. If you allow any dirt or grime to accumulate and sit on the siding, it's going to cause long-term damage. If you want to be sure that the whole project is completed with a professional finish, talk with a local painter from a copmany like Precision Painting about doing it for you.